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Delmarva is the world’s largest theme park. What’s your hobby, your favorite activity, something you’d like to try, learn more about? Name it, and you’ll find it here. Where can you just chill in a beautiful location, dine elegantly by candlelight, or have a home-style meal of fresh-caught seafood served with locally grown produce? Tap your toes to bluegrass, admire a symphony, or enjoy a free concert by songbirds in a forest setting? Pamper yourself in a luxury hotel or intimate B&B, sleep under the stars or beside the ocean in your tent and sleeping bag? Visit a local crafts studio or a world-class art gallery? Catch your trophy marlin on a head boat or laze by a river with a fishing pole? If it’s themed events you enjoy, we’ve got pirate weekends and tea parties – both the genteel afternoon ones with fine china and cucumber sandwiches and those involving tossing cargo of tea leaves off sailing ships; celebrations of the watermen of the Chesapeake and the ponies of Chincoteague; weekends devoted to bird watching and the traditions of Native Americans; seafood festivals, chicken festivals, and the uniquely Delmarva Punkin’ Chunkin’. It’s an endless smorgasbord of self-styled, satisfying, leisurely escapes.

Browse through the topics. Each one starts with a brief overview, followed by a geographic breakdown of what’s available in different areas, with details, locations, and contacts. If you know of something to add, use the ‘contact’ tab to pass along the information or experience. This site is meant to be interactive, and your contributions are what make it useful!


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