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Written by Fran Severn   
Tuesday, 17 May 2011 07:52


Students of the paranormal will share otherworldly experiences this weekend at the first Delmarva Paranormal Conference at the Riverside Country Inn in Greensboro. Hosted by the Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters, it has a roster of big names in the ghost-tracking community reporting on their investigations and evidence that supports their conviction that there’s a lot of activity on ‘the other side.’


Even the most ardent non-believer enjoys a good ghost story, and there will be plenty of those. Andy Nunez, author of three books about ghosts on the Eastern Shore, will be there, as will Russ Noratel whose book is about haunted places in Ellicott City.


Jonathan Williams, the Executive Director of the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations in Gettysburg is also coming. I met him a few weeks ago while in Gettysburg (reportedly one of the most haunted places on earth). The display at his museum traces spirituality and ghost beliefs around the world and throughout history, which makes the field of study more credible. (Did you know that Thomas Edison was working on a machine to make contact with those who’ve ‘passed?’ Or that King Charles II had an official ghost hunter/spiritualist?) There’s also an exhibit about paranormal photograph – how they are faked and how his group verifies them.


The setting at the Riverside Inn is perfect for the conference, since there are many stories about strange goings-on. Might be that the otherworldly residents will be attending the conference themselves (and getting away with not paying the registration fee.) Both Friday and Saturday nights, there will be a ghost hunt in the hotel with the investigators breaking out all of their devices which detect electromagnetic energy, take photos, and record sounds at unusual frequencies. (I went on a hunt in Gettysburg – not with Jonathan but another investigating group. I’m not saying this place was haunted, but there were some things that had no logical explanation…)


Doors open at 9 AM on Saturday. Admission is $20 for one day. The only activity listed for Friday is the ghost hunt. There’s a breakfast with the speakers on Sunday. More details are at the conference website: http://delmarvaparacon.webs.com/


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