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Written by Fran Severn   
Friday, 08 July 2011 06:54


As the rumors start about the future of the now-empty Super Fresh store, the dream of a Trader Joe's in Salisbury floats tantalizingly in the air, not unlike the intoxicating aroma of the coffee aisle at the grocery.


Knowing that the best causes are those which have a rallying song, here it is:

The Salisbury Trader Joe’s Anthem!


(to the tune of “There Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame”)

With apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein


We’ve got crab cakes

We’ve got cole slaw

And we’ve got Smith Island Cake.

We’ve got road side stands with produce

Oh, the salads we can make

We’ve got grocery stores to visit

And where we can always go.

What ain’t we got?

A Trader Joe’s.


We’ve got Giant and Food Lion,

And we had a Super Fresh

But for specialty organics

They are second rate, at best

And a field trip to Annapolis

Is just too far to go.

Salisbury needs a Trader Joe’s!


We’ve gone on Facebook to inquire

When will we get our heart’s desire?


Salisbury needs a Trader Joe’s

Everybody knows

No other grocery comes close

To the wonders of Trader Joe’s.


Be a vegan or a carnivore

You’ll still be there a while

For both party goods and staples

Overflow from every aisle.

There’s no MSG or transfats or ugly GMOs

That’s why we want a Trader Joe’s!


They’ve got great gourmet treats…

And lots of non-hormoned meats…

And healthy carry out treats…

And really decadent sweets…

And it’s not for elites…

It’s for anyone who eats!


There’s not a thing that’s wrong with living well here

That can’t be cured by putting us near

A brand new, genuine, our own, real Trader Joe’s!


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